Producing houses in stone

houses in stone
We produce houses in stone.

We have many house models in stone

This site presents the models we offer. Dont hesitate giving us feedback if you like or dislike any of them.

Our process

We have a clear process we follow when it comes to creating the dream house. The process looks something like this.

  • Gathering information. We always start with determining what your inner dreams are. What make you feel at home. In what environment do you feel comftarble. For us the house is more than just living in it. You need to be able to relax and enjoy the house in every way.
  • Price phase. We always discuss the price tag on the house before we start working in detail. There is no point in drawing a castle for someone who wants a shed. We explore how you want to setup you floor plans, the garden, and such
  • Presenting design sketches
  • Narrowing the scope
  • Producing real architectural drawings
  • If necessary also produce drawings for the construction phase, needed for permits etc
  • Presenting the final product
  • No you can start making all those choices about the house which are so fantastic. Kitchen decoration, bathroom tiles etc.

We believe in quality

Quality is what we stand for. We believe in giving you the best we can from an architectural perspective. Why this is important is due to the fact that we get almost all our new customers through reference.

We believe in design

Design is extremely important to us.